Saturday, January 29, 2011

Wellz I did not get to stay at the senior bowl. but I had a hella time tailgating...So there is gonna be a party tonite...It starts at my house so come by and we can hang....PARTY!!!! but yea so I will watch the sr.bowl on tv. and then watch reruns of I LOVE NEW YORK <3 hahahaha #secret.obsession...I am starving....very depressing...smh!!!!! but I am addicted to a lot of shit....reality tv shows (I Luv NY..Flavor Of Luv..Bachelor, etc.) McCafe (MOCHA FRAPPE) Facebook ( i am truly addicted,,,if I am not on there I am dead (yea you just dont know)) but its whatever...I have read the Miracle Worker Script like fifty freakin times!!! I LOVE IT HOW I KNOW EVERY FREAKIN PART EXCEPT MY OWN HAHAHAHHAHA but anyway....I need to go buy some cups for the Party cause AINT NO MOFO GONNA DRINK OUT MY BOTTLES!!! anyway be back in a sec

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