Sunday, January 30, 2011

I am really gettin tired of all the fake shit...Rollin around here...But I had an awesome saturday,,,senior bowl parting...watched the game at home :( but it was still fun...South Vs North (south won 24-10) you know how we do in the dirty south lol...Went out again...Came back home!!! then out again around 1 am got back at like 6 am...I it was straight CRAZY!!!! Party like a g6 you kno...but like i had some much freakin funn but i also learned you know who your true friend are....dont listen to these bitches that be frontin...They tell you one thing and talk about you behind your back...I aint got times for messy hoes....I am get my paper take my phat azz home and reminisce...Hey my motto: Party Up, Drink Down,,No Clue whats around © becky<3...Man but fuck these lame azz wanna be's...HEY ITS BECKY BITCH>>>GET LIKE ME :}

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